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Extending Lotus Domino Applications and Data to Handheld Devices
Pylon Application Server instantly extends Lotus Domino-based applications, such as sales force automation, inventory and field service applications, to mobile devices. Pylon Application Server synchronizes data on handheld devices to the Lotus Domino server to improve mobile workforce effectiveness and productivity without requiring significant investments in administrative or development resources. iAnywhere’s unique offline and online computing model enables access to the information users need when and where they need it most.

Boost Employee Productivity with Lotus Domino on Mobile Devices
Pylon Application Server supports mobile access to any Lotus Domino business application, database or content through desktop synchronization, wireless or TCP/IP connections. Existing Domino applications can be deployed instantly and new applications quickly added with the Domino Designer and JavaScript skills Domino developers already have.

Improve the ROI of Lotus Infrastructure
Pylon Application Server seamlessly extends existing infrastructure, leveraging the Lotus Domino directory and security model. It provides 128-bit encryption to ensure secure information delivery. Integration with the Lotus Domino server ensures that users are authenticated and can access only the data to which they have ACL rights to. A Web-based administrative console allows remote administration and enables administrators to support enterprise-wide mobile deployments. IT staff can configure, filter and control access to data sources or can allow users to manage all application data individually, thereby improving the ROI for existing Lotus Domino systems.

Develop a Mobile Strategy
Pylon Application Server is part of a comprehensive suite of mobile solutions from iAnywhere, recognized by IDC as the market leader in mobile middleware and mobile database solutions. Organizations can trust iAnywhere to mobilize critical applications including Domino and Exchange email, PIM, Web-based applications, databases, portals and intranets. More than 12,000 customers and 1,000 partners worldwide rely on the company’s industry leading enterprise solutions. Pylon Application Server leverages the M-Business Anywhere infrastructure—the leading solution for deploying Web-based applications now supports Domino.

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