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Octubre 2021

    MailCleaner Newletter Automn 2021

    MailCleaner News


    New features for Administrators

    - Watchdogs : In your admin interface, you might notice some notifications reporting specific issues encountered by your MailCleaner server (low disk space, MC folder not synchronised, etc.).
    Find our recommendations for each issue here

    - Tracing module (UI) : you can now filter results with more MTA attributes (such as external address, hostnames, message id, subject or attachment name) and even combine criterias with a space.

    - SpamC : you can now adapt SpamC score per domain and even per mailbox. Documentation here

    - Whitelists and Newslists : Support for variables and sub-addresses. Documentation here

    - Full Whitelist feature : how to bypass all form of filtering. Documentation here

    - Sub-addresses support for recipients : email sent to a sub-address can now be treated the same way as the base address for rules and quarantine (eg. user+example@domain.com = user@domain.com)

    - Hostlists improvments for shorthands and exeptions. Documentation here

    You can follow at anytime our new features and developments here.

    New features for users

    - User interface languages : new languages have been added. We can now choose among 15 languages : English, French, Dutch, German, Italian, Korean, Chinese, Norvegian, Portuguese, Polish,  Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Turkish and Swedish.

    - Quarantine report summary : Spams and Newsletters have been separated for a better visual comfort

    - Pop-up with whitelisting options when releasing an email from the quarantine

    Protection against phishing emails

    We, as other cyber security specialists, have noticed an important increase of phishing attacks over the last months. Every single day, it causes many damages to companies (production outage, loss of money, reputation or Intellectual property). Here, we remind you how your users must behave and what you can always do to improve your protection.

    All our professional RBL's and spam rules are being updated to your servers to get the best and most reactive protection possible. However, if a phishing email is delivered to the user mailbox, the most important action is to forward this email to spam@mailcleaner.net. Within 15 minutes, it will automatically prevent all MailCleaner users to receive this phishing email). 

    What can be done additionnaly :

    - Enable SPF & DKIM for your domain

    - User awarness : remind your employees the best pratices and eventually test their awarness with a phishing  simulation campaign

    - Add the Spamhaus Content option to your MailCleaner. More information about this option here