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Junio 2020

    Clavister Channel Webinar June. 16, 2020 10:00 CET

    June. 16, 2020, 10.00 CET 


    Join us with Thomas Vasen, Mattias Nordlund and Stefan Brodin and find out how you can leverage Clavister’s products and solutions to grow your business.

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    You're an important component of Clavister’s success and as such, we wanted to take time to inform and update you on what’s happening in the business be that with new products, materials, use cases or marketing activities. 


    What's Planned for the Webinar and Q&A Session

    Clavister news, PRs

    Aurora Story - MSSPs:
    Prove your worth with CyberSecurity ScoreCard
        Stefan Brodin
    Delivering Zero-Trust with Clavister
        Thomas Vasen
    Collateral & Toolkit Update
        Thomas Vasen 
    Provisioning SD-WAN with InControl 
        Mattias Nordlund
    Sneak Peak - Device Intelligence
        Mattias Nordlund

    Questions, Answers & Feedback

    The Webinar will breakdown as followed:

    30 minutes lecture
    15 minutes - Q&A at the end

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