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Abril 2020

    Avast Business, Upgrade


    Dear Partner,

    Many of your customers may be using older versions of Avast Business Antivirus that are no longer supported. To ensure your customers’ endpoint devices are fully protected and they have access to all of the new features that come with the latest version of the product, we recommend that you upgrade those devices as soon as possible.

    Avast Business will be retiring Endpoint Protection solutions versions 18.7 and below. If your customer has a Vista or XP device, we recommend that you upgrade to version 18.8. If your customer has a Windows 7 or higher device, we recommend that you upgrade to version 19.7 or higher.

    Follow these simple steps to upgrade your customers today:

    Upgrading devices in the Avast Business Management Console: 

    ·         Step 1: Log in to your console

    ·         Step 2: Go to Tasks

    ·         Step 3: Create a Program Update Task and assign all devices

    Upgrading devices NOT connected to the console: 

    ·         Step 1: Open the Avast AV user interface

    ·         Step 2: Go to Menu and then Settings

    ·         Step 3: Select Update

    ·         Step 4: Select Program Update

    Upgrading devices in Avast CloudCare:

    ·         Step 1: Log in

    ·         Step 2: Select Company

    ·         Step 3: Select Devices

    ·         Step 4: Select Update Company

    What happens if I don’t upgrade my customers to the latest version?
    The product will not receive updates with the latest features and support, meaning that your customers’ devices may become vulnerable to viruses, malware, and other types of threats if they do not upgrade the product to the latest version. Also, your customers' devices may no longer connect to the Avast Business Management Console and/or CloudCare.

    How long do I have to upgrade my customers?
    We recommend that you keep your customers fully protected and upgrade as soon as possible. Otherwise, please note that Avast Business will begin performing forced upgrades on July 31, 2020. But don’t worry, this will be a seamless process for your customers.

    Once your customers' devices have been upgraded to the latest Avast Antivirus client version, a reboot will be required to complete the upgrade. The device reboot dialogue box will appear on the device, which the user can accept to reboot or postpone for a certain period of time. We recommend you reboot your device as soon as you receive the notification to ensure your device is protected.

    As always, if you have further questions, please contact your Account Manager.