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Marzo 2019

    // All-About-Code: New Video // Save up to 300 USD/EUR...

    Usted ha recibido este mensaje porque es un distribuidor de Alaska Software Inc. relacionada con Xbase ++

      // New Video

      Today we are releasing the first of a series of videos about software testing in general and with Xbase++.

      Nina Kazakova, Senior Developer and Quality Evangelist at Alaska Software talks in this first episode about the ratio behind software testing. Future episodes will cover the different kinds of software testing and the definition of testing paths for your Xbase++ code. The final episode in this series will walk you through an Xbase++ project and applies all the concepts and methods outlined in the previous episodes using the Xbase++ Unit-Testing asset.



      // Save up to 300 USD/EUR on your expired subscription renewal!

      Did you miss your renewal deadline? Or are you on a tight budget? For a limited time, we are offering a special discount for renewing your expired subscriptions. Simply send us an email to info@alaska-software.com with your CID and a short explanation about why you have not renewed your subscription. We will be happy to send you an individual coupon code for renewing your expired subscription at a discounted rate.

      Send your coupon code request to info@alaska-software.com and save up to 300 USD/EUR!

      BusinessPartners and TechnologyPartners of Alaska Software are not eligible for any kind of promotional discount. Discounts are not cumulative. Offer ends on 1st. April 2019

      // Update: Free Win32 API usage code review, TopDown affected!

      In our January letter we offered to all active subscription customers a free-of-charge code review of their source code with a strict focus on Win32 API usage via DllCall()/EXTERN/DLLFUNCTION. This offer had its origin in our finding in tech support that approximately 4% of all Win32 API usages may lead to application errors due to a wrong declaration of the API interface by the developer.

      In the course of these code reviews we also found some issues in the TopDown library, which definitively lead to application instabilities, IDSC or fatal errors. Consequently, we have commited our changes into the TopDown SVN repository. In order to check out the latest version of TopDown, please follow the excellent instructions from Chris Carmac posted to the TopTown newsgroup here.

      For those of you who haven't received any feedback yet: we are still working on the code reviews and hope to have them finished by mid-April.

    If you no longer wish to receive emails from Alaska Software, please send an email to info@alaska-software.com with remove in the subject line.

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