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Febrero 2018

    List & Label v23 released

    New year, new goals! Everything started well in our development team. We will continue to work on great features for you, to advance our report generator List & Label and the ready-to-use combit Report Server, which has been part of the Enterprise Edition since version 23. Do you already know all the new features of our reporting tool and the possibilities of the Report Server? There are certainly a few features left to be discovered.

    Best regards,

    Combit Team

    List & Label 23


    At the end of October version 23 was released. Jochen Bartlau gives you an overview of all the new features in the product video! In addition to performance increases, especially when dealing with large databases, your users will also find new possibilities in the Designer.

    Video About New Features

    Report Server 23

    Since version 23, the Report Server is part of the List & Label Enterprise Edition. You get an instantly installable and ready-to-use reporting solution, without any programming effort.

    Details on the Report Server

    combit Dev Blog: Winter Sports Event in Pyeongchang

    In his latest blog post, Jochen shows how he worked data of past winter sports events with List & Label. This year's event will start at the end of the week in Pyeongchang. He extracted some interesting fun facts. ;-)

    combit Dev Blog: Winter Sports Event Pyeongchang

    New Awards for List & Label

    The german PC Magazin has tested List & Label (test mark: very good), and dotnetpro is also enthusiastic because List & Label "continuously brings innovative functional enhancements." What a way to start the year!