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Febrero 2018

    SOTI Product Notice: MobiControl 14.1 available today.

    SOTI is pleased to announce the general availability of
    SOTI MobiControl 14.1.

    SOTI MobiControl 14.1 delivers numerous enhancements improving the management and security of devices across several OS platforms. Most significant, is the introduction of support for macOS. With Mac support, SOTI further extends its lead among EMM vendors by offering the broadest support of devices – we certify devices from over 150 OEMs!

    New features of this release include:

    macOS support
    SOTI MobiControl 14.1 gives businesses the tools they need to secure and manage their macOS computers alongside all their other mobile devices. IT administrators have a full view of asset inventory including device properties and installed applications. Security capabilities are also offered to oversee authentication, screen timeouts, certification installations, device restrictions, and lock and wipe. In addition, there is full access to configuration profiles for company resources including email, calendar and contacts, as well as Ethernet, WiFi and VPN connectivity. End users can enroll their own devices through a self-service portal, ultimately helping to ease every IT department's already heavy workload.

    New features of this release include:

    SOTI Hub enhancements
    SOTI Hub now supports the check in/check out feature available in SharePoint Online and SharePoint 2013. Checked out Word, Excel and PowerPoint files can now be edited within the SOTI Hub app, and annotations can now be added to checked out PDF files ensuring sensitive and confidential files never leave the safety of the SOTI Hub app (container). In addition, IT administrators can configure SOTI Hub to block sharing and printing of files from specific content repositories.

    New features of this release include:

    Enhancements to the Administrative Console
    SOTI MobiControl 14.1 builds on the re-designed Administrative Console released in SOTI MobiControl 14 with the following enhancements:

    • Simplified search – SOTI MobiControl 14.1 eliminates the need to toggle between keyword and query searches allowing end users to conduct query-based searches that incorporate keywords.
    • Calendar widget for search – End users can select a date, and optionally a time, from the widget rather than typing it into the search field.
    • Real-time device update notifications – End users will now get notifications within the Administrative Console if any of the information about the devices they are viewing in the search results gets updated. End users can refresh the search results to view the updated information.

    New features of this release include:

    OS platform updates
    SOTI MobiControl 14.1 introduces several updates for management of iOS and Windows 10 devices, including:

    • New iOS restrictions.
    • Support for geofence functionality has been extended to Windows 10 devices.

    For more information resources available in the Altitude Partner Portal include:

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