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Enero 2018

    Introducing WebSpy Vantage 3.0

    Say Hello to Vantage 3.0!

    The development team at Fastvue have been hard at work over the past year updating WebSpy Vantage for the latest .NET Framework, improving performance, integrating Fastvue's innovative Site Clean engine, and more!

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    New in Vantage 3.0

    The following major features have been introduced in WebSpy Vantage 3.0.

    Updated User Interface

    The most noticeable change is that WebSpy Vantage 3.0 and the Web Module have received an updated look and feel. General navigation remains the same, so the experience is very familiar if you're used to v2.2. We hope you like it!

    Fastvue Site Clean Integration

    A common requirement when reporting on web-based log files, such as those from a proxy server or web gateway, is to view a clean list of websites that represent what people actually browsed, rather than showing every background CDN site or advertising widget.

    WebSpy Vantage 3.0 integrates the Fastvue Site Clean engine that cleans a majority of web traffic.

    Built for .NET 4.6

    WebSpy Vantage is now compiled for the .NET 4.6 framework, which brings with it a range of performance benefits including more efficient memory management and faster import and reporting speeds.


    In addition to the performance improvements through the upgraded .NET framework, the reports engine is now up to 90% faster in certain reporting situations. The improvement is most notable when publishing reports to the Web Module 'for each manager' in your organization, or 'for each group' (departments, offices etc), where the number of groups are in the hundreds.

    New Report Templates

    A new range of report templates have been added for the following log file formats:

    There are also new templates for any 'web' based formats (any supported log file that contain URLs, Usernames and Timestamps).

    SCP / SFTP importing

    Log files can now be directly imported over SCP / SFTP. Specify the server, path, port and file mask, along with either a username and password, or a username, identity file and passphrase. Also supports Gzip over SFTP.

    Improved Organization Import from LDAP

    Several improvements have been made to the Import Organization from LDAP wizard to make mapping log data to Active Directory objects easier. More details here.

    URL Parsing Supports New Generic Top Level Domains (new gTLDs)

    With new Generic Top Level Domains (New gTLDs) continually being released (think, .ninja, .guru, .walmart, .google etc), parsing URLs into domains, sub-domains and TLDs required a new approach.
    WebSpy Vantage now uses the list of public suffixes published by publicsuffix.org to correctly parse URLs into domain components.
    WebSpy Vantage automatically receives updates to the public suffixes list behind the scenes.

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    Other Notable Improvements and Fixes

    In addition to new features, the following notable improvements have been made.

    • • Resuming Import from gzip Files
      Vantage 3.0 now remembers its position when importing logs within gzip files and can resume from that position if the import is stopped, or if the log file is appended to.
    • • Improved Event Log Support
      The underlying technology and user interface for importing Windows Event Logs has been updated, streamlining the process of importing all, or selected event logs from one or many machines.
    • • PDF Report Fixes
      The PDF report engine has also received an update fixing many PDF generation errors in the process.

    Loader Changes

    New Loader Groups are continually being added to the software. It is recommended that you check for updates regularly (using Tools | Check for updates). Most notable changes include:

    Pssst... Need a Free Syslog Server?
    If you need a simple way to collect your device's log data, checkout Fastvue Syslog. It's simple, free and unlimited meaning you can log as much data as you need, from as many devices as you like, without paying a cent. Download it from https://www.fastvue.co/syslog

    Full Release Notes

    For a comprehensive list of changes, please see the release notes section in our Support Portal.

    Getting Started & Upgrade Instructions

    For all information regarding WebSpy Vantage 3.0's system requirements, along with installation and upgrade instructions, please go to our Getting Started Guide and select either the New Installations or Upgrading Existing Installations tab.

    What About Vantage 2.2?

    Vantage 2.2 (Ultimate, Premium and Giga) will continue to receive critical bug fixes until 1st of July 2019, but no new features are planned for this version. All new features, including new or updated log file support, will be made in Vantage Ultimate 3.0.

    All customers on an existing Vantage subscription (including Vantage Premium and Vantage Giga customers) can upgrade and start using Vantage Ultimate 3.0 today as part of your existing subscription. Vantage Ultimate customers can simply use their existing serial number to unlock the software via the Registration dialog.

    Vantage Premium and Vantage Giga customers just need to request a new Vantage Ultimate serial number from WebSpy Sales. This serial number activates your Vantage Ultimate subscription, expiring on the same date as your existing Vantage Premium or Vantage Giga subscription.

    End of Life for Vantage Premium and Vantage Giga

    As of the 1st of July 2019, our Vantage Premium and Vantage Giga products will be officially discontinued. Vantage Ultimate is the only version WebSpy is offering moving forward, and will be referred to as 'WebSpy Vantage'. Upgrade options vary depending on your current license type. Please see the end of life announcement for more information.

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