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For Lotus Notes® or Microsoft Exchange

An out-of-the-box solution for enabling “always available” access to enterprise email, calendar, contact, memo and task information from mobile and wireless devices.

Pylon Anywhere™ is a complete mobile email solution that provides simple, remote access to enterprise email, calendar, contact, memo and task information from Lotus Notes and Microsoft Exchange. With Pylon Anywhere, users can receive and respond to email information immediately, whether they’re on the road or simply in a meeting room away from their desk. The ability to access and update calendars, address books and to-do lists means users can stay on top of important meetings, calls and deadlines. Features such as push, alerts and scheduled synchronization simulate a desktop experience by delivering important information to the user as it arrives. Pylon Anywhere accelerates communication, decision-making and customer responsiveness by keeping users in touch, no matter where the day takes them.

For IT departments, it provides a centrally managed, secure solution for groupware synchronization. Pylon Anywhere provides support for a broad range of handheld devices, including Palm OS, Microsoft Pocket PC and Smartphone, Symbian OS, SyncML, and WAP-based devices. It automatically addresses encryption and authentication, and allows easy set up of users and groups with varying levels of access. Since Pylon Anywhere is proven to scale to thousands of users across multiple sites, administrators can also easily add users as the organization’s needs grow.

Imagine The Productivity Gains

With Pylon Anywhere users can:

Mobile Professional

Pylon Anywhere is intuitive and easy-to-use, providing flexible options for accessing and retrieving key email and personal information management (PIM) data.

Staying On Top Means Staying In Touch
Pylon Anywhere provides a comprehensive and flexible range of choices for mobile access to email and professional productivity information from Lotus Notes and Microsoft Exchange. True server-based push, interval-based automatic synchronization, proactive alerts and real-time browsing combine to ensure users are kept up-todate effortlessly. In addition, Pylon Anywhere provides a true extension of the corporate mailbox, enabling mobile workers to use their same desktop email address from their mobile device. With only one mailbox to manage, users can send, receive, file or delete messages from the palm of their hand, with no need to repeat these tasks on their desktops. Calendar, contacts, memos and tasks are kept up-to-date in the same manner.

Flexible and Efficient Synchronization Options
Pylon Anywhere provides direct, server-based synchronization ensuring “always available” access to email and PIM information. Users can access information offline, reducing communication costs while increasing application performance and battery life, even in areas with poor signal availability or quality. It offers compression, check-point restart, wireless communication optimizations, attachment filtering, message truncation and other features to minimize the amount of data transferred and maximize speed of synchronization.

In addition, Pylon Anywhere offers the ability to manage different communication profiles, to optimize settings for wireless or cradle synchronizations. Pylon Anywhere allows users to schedule their synchronization providing an experience that mimics an always-connected device. Users have flexibility in setting up this capability, specifying intervals between sync sessions, hourly ranges, and controlling power and bandwidth usage.

Pylon Anywhere offers the ability to preview mail allowing users to view their email headers, email size, attachment and truncation status, and make decisions about what they want to receive or not on the fly. This gives the user control to get just the email and attachments they want, without wasting time on spam, early entries in long discussion threads, or non-urgent subjects.

True Email Push
Pylon Anywhere offers true email push over a variety of wired and wireless networks including LAN, Wi-Fi, GPRS, EDGE and CDMA. Push notifications can be sent to devices using SMS or using a direct connection. A wide variety of options enable the user to be selective about the specific email messages that will trigger synchronization to the device. The filters for these triggers are easy for users to maintain and customize through a Web interface.

Alerts and Real-Time Browsing
Designed for devices where data storage is not feasible, Pylon Anywhere also provides a complimentary real-time data access method for mobile workers. Via a Web browser, Pylon Anywhere gives instant access to email and PIM data. In addition, emails and calendar entries can be pushed via “alerts” out to a broad range of email or SMS enabled devices. For WAP-enabled phones in particular, alerts are complimented by a real-time WAP browsing capability. In this scenario, the user gets pushed the email “alert” which includes the header and a limited amount of body text, and if they want to they can access the full message using the WAP browsing capability.

Sophisticated Client Capabilities for Enhanced User Experience
Pylon Anywhere is feature-rich providing a great user experience from anywhere, at anytime.

Key features include:

IT Professional

Pylon Anywhere offers IT administrators robust tools for managing data access and delivery, providing detailed reporting and ensuring that all information is secure.

End-to-End Security
Pylon Anywhere offers an end-to-end security model that ensures the authentication, integrity and confidentiality of information. All data transmissions between the Pylon Anywhere server and mobile device are encrypted endto-end using AES, Triple DES or SSL. AES and Triple DES are FIPS 140-2 certified, which is a common security requirement. Users can be authenticated against a variety of systems including LDAP, Active Directory, Domino and NT Domains, decreasing the administrative overhead of user management.

Easy Set Up to Simplify Administration
Pylon Anywhere offers easy, one-time set up and powerful tools to manage the server configuration and the behavior of mobile devices. Using graphical wizards, administrators can quickly set up the server configuration and put users into groups that determine how users will interact with the system. Pylon Anywhere gives administrators complete control of user profiles, enabling quicker deployment and standardized interactions, providing a more sophisticated mobile email and PIM solution. Pylon Anywhere also logs the status and errors of mobile devices, which makes it easier for administrators to quickly diagnose problems for remote employees.

Flexible Deployment for Enabling Hosted and Carrier Environments
Pylon Anywhere provides a deployment option that allows service providers to deploy mobile email and PIM capabilities to individual users, workgroups or companies without requiring a direct connection to a Domino or Exchange server. This capability can also allow service providers to offer POP and IMAP users the same benefits as enterprise users, including the synchronization of data to a mobile device, push, and alerts. Unlike a simple redirector, this capability uses a small client application on a user or administrator device, which acts as an agent to enable two-way synchronization of email and PIM information.

Robust Device Management Tools Help Decrease Total Cost of Ownership
Pylon Anywhere offers a systems management add-on that improves security and administration by offering IT staff sophisticated remote software installation and upgrade capabilities, device configuration, theft/loss protection, backup/recovery, and hardware and software asset inventory collection. Mobile device users can enjoy greater productivity because they are insulated from confusing software installs, and are protected from down time because their devices are better managed.

File Synchronization Decreases Information Distribution Costs
Pylon Anywhere offers a file synchronization add-on that provides a simple way to manage electronic document distribution based on a powerful publish and subscribe model. Integrated into the Pylon Anywhere admin console, administrators use a simple GUI wizard to define the file publications. A server-based scanner automatically detects and replaces outdated files on mobile devices, sparing user time while protecting from human error.

One Software Solution Supports Multiple Devices and Networks
Pylon Anywhere gives IT a single, enterprisewide software solution for deploying email and PIM information to a variety of mobile devices. From a central server, administrators can easily integrate a wide variety of devices (Palm OS, Microsoft Pocket PC and Smartphone, Symbian OS, SyncML, WAP, desktop, SMS) into the enterprise so organizations can leverage their existing hardware investment. Pylon Anywhere also offers a variety of deployment configurations to integrate with existing corporate environments and security policies.

An Important Part of a Total Mobile Solution
Pylon Anywhere is part of a total mobile infrastructure solution that is also capable of moving application data, files, and Websites throughout your mobile network. iAnywhere Solution’s comprehensive suite of products extends the mobile enterprise beyond email and office capabilities to other lines of business applications such as sales force automation, field service, and customer relationship management.

Facts at a Glance

Access to critical information

Easy administration and management

Robust security

Systems Management Add-on

File Synchronization Add-on


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