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Abril 2012

    Nueva release de CodeCharge Studio 5


      CodeCharge Studio 5.0 Released  
    New release of CodeCharge Studio 5.0

    The new release, available on www.yessoftware.com, delivers updates that help you become even more productive. The following is the summary of changes and improvements in the new version 5.0:

    New Intuitive Ribbon GUI
    CodeCharge Studio 5.0 has a new look! The appearance of CodeCharge was redesigned to make the scenery more familiar and intuitive. Plus, the options you're familiar with in previous versions were reorganized to make them easier to remember, and more accessible.

    New Data Dictionary and Database Explorer
    Use the Data Dictionary to automate some of the tedious 'after changes' you used to make when you ran one of the Builders. Previously, if you wanted to change the Caption, or Control Type, or some other attribute generated by the Builder, you had to make the changes every time you generated the form. Plus, because you couldn't re-run the Builder without regenerating new forms, even the slightest change to a form could be difficult to implement.

    With the Data Dictionary, you can decide what, if any, should be the default Caption, or Control Type (or other attribute) that should be used for any column in your database. You don't have to change your forms anymore except in special circumstances. And with the new and improved Builders, you'll save hours of work getting your web pages to look exactly right. Use the Database Explorer to search thru the schema of your database.

    You don't have to use a separate database client anymore. Within CodeCharge, you can examine your tables, and how they relate to other tables, plus search thru the columns of any table and look at their attributes, such as name, type, size, and key identity.

    Master Pages and Master Templates
    You can now use HTML templates with your Pages, or Panels to create more visually appealing pages.

    New Built-in Page Design Templates
    Using the new Master Page and Master Templates feature, CodeCharge also comes with several built-in designs you can apply to your website. These are professionally designed creations you can tailor to make your web projects more visually appealing but without having to enlist a designer.

    Re-Edit Forms with the Builder
    Previously, if you wanted to make a change to your forms, you had to start over every time; you had to delete the forms and re-run the Builder. Version 5.0 makes this unnecessary. Not only have the Builders been improved, but you can also change the forms on your page by re-editing the settings with the Builder, without having to start over each time. You can also now employ an HTML template with the Builder to create your own unique looking forms.

    New Master-Details Builder
    The simplest and easiest way to maintain Master/Detail tables is to create a form(s) using the Master/Detail Builder. Previously, the CodeCharge Studio Example Pack included a sample showing how to create a simple Order Entry page but the example included numerous steps and it involved using two different forms (two web server trips). With Version 5.0, all the complexity is eliminated and now you can do it all one form.

    Improved Preview Mode
    You'll find that the Preview Mode has been enhanced and improved to make visualizing your web pages more realistic. Now in Preview mode, you can get an accurate view of your pages even if they include other Pages ('Include Pages'), Translations, and Master Pages ('Designs'), and Templates. The Preview Mode also now includes Live Data from your database.

    New Components
    Version 5.0 has been enhanced to include additional components to make your web site more interactive: JScript Date Picker, Slider Control, NumericUpDown Control, Interactive Search and Dialog Panel.